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I am e-mailing you to thank you for all of the useful information. I am currently a student in search of an career in the IT field. this has always been a dream of mine. Wish me luck. Again your site is great! ~ Daryl

I found your web page very interesting, I learned a lot from it. I would like more ideas and review about CCNA. I am a electronics and computer technology student.
Thank You for sharing.
~ Claude

Your CCNA note is very useful to me. I've put it into my Palm and read it when I am travelling. ~ Derek

Excellent work and info. Thanks and I've bookmarked the page. Only thing I would recommend, if possible and that's more debug commands (such as how to view traffic for resolving routing issue, etc).
~ Jon

I'm currently doing the CCNA cert, too. your site is a great help and reference guide to look at when you're not shure! great and keep going that way!
~ Tom

Sat my ccna last year and this is good revision for me.
It's right good of you to make this information available.
~ Andy

Nik's Cisco CCNA Revision

The following notes were made while revising for my Cisco CCNA exam. They are not in any way a complete set of revision notes, but more like a last minute refresher for those bits of information that are important and need to be remembered.

If you don't know where to start when it comes to revision read my blog post on the certification revision technique I use.

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CCNA Notes

CCNA last minute revision guide
Essential networking protocols and memory-jogging notes.
IOS commands revision notes
A List of main Cisco IOS router and switch commands with descriptions.
Layer 2 switching revision notes
Notes on switches, repeaters, MAC addressing and switching methods.
VLANS revision notes
A summary of VLANS, frame-tagging and VTP
Spanning Tree Protocol revision notes
A quick overview of the Spanning Tree protocol, STP Algorithm and STP states.
ISDN revision notes
Covers ISDN physical and data link layers, SPIDS, protocols and reference points.
Novell IPX revision notes
Overview of Novell IPX, IPX RIP, Cisco IPX router commands and SAP.
Access Control Lists revision notes
Short summary of ACL placements, extended ACLs, named ACLs, IOS configuration.
Pre-exam Cram Sheet
Notes on networking rules, Repeaters, VLANs, LANS, STP, ISDN and Novell IPX.
Cisco CCNA Cramsheet