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Supported Video File Formats for NEXTBASE Car DVD players

I bought some 7" dual portable NEXTBASE CAR DVD players to entertain the kids in the car, which are also capable of playing video from a USB stick. However they are very fussy with the video formats and containers they will play.

There is no mention in the manual about what types are supported from recollection, so I spent a few minutes of searching and experimentation trying find a compatible format. I wasn't having much luck until I stumbled on the details tucked away on the NextBase website!

Basically you need to use DivX format.

They suggest using the official DivX converter with the following settings:

  • Use the “DivX Home Theatre” option.
  • Try to keep to the 720 x 408 dimensions, as this is a 16:9 ratio (or 1.77 ratio) so will fill the screen.
  • With the default settings applied, the Video bitrate should be left alone, but if you want to adjust around 1500Kbps.

Normally a frame rate of 25frames per second will result, no need to adjust this.

You can also record multiple DivX movies on to disc. Both CD-R (720Mb) and DVD (4.7Gb) disc are compatible. Although some DVD players may require the file extension to be changed to “.avi” in order to play correctly.

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