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Plex via a NOW TV box

After reading how to sideload a Plex client on a NOW TV box I decided to pick one up during the Black Friday sale for £14.99. 

They are basically Roku 3 boxes rebranded as NOW TV (Owned by Sky TV) and feature a limited app store with competing apps such as NetFlix and LoveFilm removed.

I am thinking of using Plex Media Server as a way of ditching my Blu Ray player and ripping all my DVDs to stop my kids scratching them to pieces. Plex indexes the movies and downloads the covers and descriptions from internet movie databases.

Because the NOW TV box has a limited app store, Plex is not available to download directly, so it needs to be sideloaded onto the box.

Sideloading the Roku Plex client onto the NOW TV box basically involves accessing the developer part of the box and installing a package file, which takes 5 minutes.

The box is very stable via WiFi and wired Ethernet and is a very good Plex client especially considering the price.

I'll write another post when I get around to ripping my DVD collection to hard disk.

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