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iTunes Album Art Importer

If like me you've recently bought one of Apple's new iPod Photos, or you use iTunes on Windows and wondered why the album artwork for your favourite CDs didn't get imported with the tracks then you may want to read this.

Windows Media Player and iTunes store album art in different ways. Media player stores them as jpg's within the directory where the music is stored. Apple however make use of the tracks ID3 tags and store the album artwork actually in each of the music files.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, however when you import music into iTunes it currently ignores the album artwork Media Player put there.

To get around this you could try the following program. It was created using VB.NET, Apples SDK and uses the Amazon Web Service to query Amazon and retrieve the artwork.

You can set it to run on your whole music collection and specify whether to update tracks with existing artwork. It does however crash on occasions, but it's still much faster than doing it yourself.

iTunes Art Importer

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