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Web Design Considerations

  • Are the pages printable on A4/US letter paper?
  • Does the site work on all browsers? (Cross-Browser functionality) (Netscape and Opera as well as Internet Explorer etc)
  • Does the site work on Apple Macs, Unix and PCs etc? (Cross-Platform functionality)
  • Can you see the whole of the site in common screen resolutions (800x600, 1024x768) without scrolling?
  • Have you stuck to common fonts such as Arial, Lucida, Verdana and Georgia? (Some fonts won't be installed on visitors' machines)
  • Can the text on the screen be read comfortably? Try to avoid clashing background images and colours as it will be difficult for the visually impaired to read.
  • Is the navigation intuitive? If you are using images as navigation do they have ALT tags? Try adding text navigation at the bottom of the page; this will help if the visitors' connection is slow as they will still be able to navigate the site.
  • Are the images optimised and quick to download? Have you used GIF and JPEG formats for the right type of images?
  • Have you used web safe colours? (Some screens can only display 256 colours) Web safe colours
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