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Site Redesign and Upgrade

I've finally decided to give my site a face-lift. I first built it in 2002 when the web was a different place, just recovering from a boom and bust. Since then we've seen the dominance of Internet Explorer errode slightly somewhat with the emergence of Firefox/Mozilla, Safari and Opera. Browsers have also become more standards compliant, which has made it easier to build cross-browser sites.

Advances in browser rendering engines have made it possible for more and more sites to adopt XHTML with CSS 2.0 stylesheets with presentation specific HTML consigned to the dustbin.

Moving all presentation logic to CSS is a liberating step to take, but it requires different skills and techniques compared with using tables. It's very powerful, but it also has its faults. Where before you had no option but to use JavaScript to create certain effects, often called Dynamic HTML, now a lot of those rollovers etc can be handled by a Cascading Style Sheet.

I've created a design that follows the current web vogue often associated with so called Web 2.0 sites, I'm still testing and fine tuning the design and initial template, but it will encompass this blog and my whole site, it'll be XHTML compliant using the WC3 strict DTD, my CSS will handle all presentation logic and I will aim to make it as accessible as possible to screen reading devices.

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