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Sellers Banned on eBay for Feedback Abuse

BBC Watchdog, a consumer rights TV programme in the UK ran a special report on eBay last night.
The report highlighted issues with how the eBay feedback system has, and is being abused by sellers using the site.

The eBay feedback system is a crucial component of the market place, and gives confidence to buyers when they are about to buy a product. Its in sellers' interests therefore to have a high feedback rating to reassure buyers.

What the programme investigates, is the situation where buyers are forced to remove truthful comments that the seller does not like in order to get product refunds etc.

Essentially, in order to get refunds on products bought through eBay, some traders are asking buyers to retract negative or neutral comments. Some of the sellers even have similar policies written into their eBay shop terms and conditions.

As a result of this programme, some sellers have been banned from selling on eBay, as this clearly undermines the confidence users have in the feedback system, and therefore eBay itself.

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