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SEO: Ten Link Building Recommendations

A major and time-consuming part of search engine optimisation (SEO) is link building.  If you own a website of any sort, you’ve undoubtedly received SPAM emails from dubious companies offering to provide you with SEO services.

Assuming you decide to outsource your SEO activities and you’ve chosen a reputable company to provide this service (preferably one that hasn’t spammed you), how do you ensure the link building effort will pay off and give you greater prominence in the top search engines?web

Here’s a list of ten link building recommendations.

  1. Only get links from similar themed organisations and websites
  2. Make the anchor text of the link relevant to the landing page and different on each link obtained. E.g. don’t use your website name as the link text all the time
  3. Try to get deep links into your website, not just to your homepage
  4. Favour text links over image links
  5. Avoid getting links on purpose built 'link' pages
  6. Avoid reciprocal link schemes
  7. Avoid black hat techniques such as obtaining hidden links, links from sites built specifically for gaining PageRank
  8. Favour links with decent PageRank
  9. Links having rel="nofollow" do not count towards inbound links
  10. Make sure pages that contain your link aren’t excluded via robots.txt or robots meta tags
  11. Avoid links which look like they have been bought, as Google can penalise these


Thanks to Adam for his helping putting this list together.  Image used under Creative Commons by saintbob.


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