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Recruiting Web Developers - Finding the right coder!

I've had a fair bit of experience employing web developers in recent years, I've also read a fair number of CVs, and posted a number of online adverts.

With recent changes to UK employment law it's more difficult than ever to attract the right candidates and get them to apply, as well as successfully convince the wannabe developers that a particular post isn't for them.

I've read a couple of articles today that interested me concerning recruitment. This article about writing a resume for developers shared some useful tips about writing CVs, most of which I can definitely recommend judging by the CVs I receive.

The second article I read, (but can't find the link!) talks about a novel way of advertising for web developers, advertise in your HTML source code of course! Only developers would look there of course, so you're audience, however small, is highly targeted.

I'd like to add to the list of what not to do while trying to secure an interview:

  • Don't SPAM companies with your CV - once is plenty for each position
  • Don't include SPAM/holding domains/dodgy sex domains on your CV unless you're applying for a job in this area
  • Do we really need to know what your late Father's name was?
  • Your National Insurance number is not necessary - haven't you heard of ID theft?
  • Weird lists of hobbies which are unrelated to the job you're applying for
  • Any lack of formatting, mixtures of fonts, font sizes, colours
  • Is a photo of you really necessary?
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