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Reciprocal Links - Link to Link - Increase PageRank

Trying to increase your PageRank in Google? Maybe this is could help your site.

I've created a links page on my site (see link below) which you can add your URL, providing your website is of similar web development content it will be accepted pending human verification at a later date.

Before submission of your link you will be required to link to Your site will then be checked for the reciprocal link automatically and if it passes you will be added to links page.

How will this help your site?

Google uses an algorithm called PageRank, which gauges the usefulness of your pages based on the amount of inbound links to your pages. Each page has it's own Page Rank.

When you link to a page on another site you are essentially "voting" for that site. The site you link to will gain a proportion of the PageRank of that page depending on the amount of links on that page and if that page has any Page Rank at all.

If the page you link to also links to you, you will receive a "vote" as well.

PageRank is a multiplier which when combined with good search engine optimised HTML will give you much higher rankings in Google. So the higher Page Rank you have the better.

An indication of your PageRank can be found out if you install the Google Toolbar with advanced features from, although this is only an indicator since PageRank is logarithmic.

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