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My Blog Is Biased

I've just been reading this article that discusses Blog biases and it made me wonder what mine would be biased towards. Biased opinions aren't necessarily a bad thing and unlike the BBC or other large media outlets who claim to be unbiased, blogs are mostly individuals views of the world. Blogging has made everyone with a computer or a mobile phone a journalist. It's this user-generated content that is powering the "web2.0" revolution.
So, because I'm the only contributor to my blog, and biases are generally formed throughout life based on influences and experiences encountered I can make some good general statements about my biased opinion.

  • Proprietary software or hardware that specifically locks the user into a companies products is bad for the consumer (e.g DRM, Sony ATRAC etc).
  • Open-source software, because it gives power to developers, and free software is always a good thing.
  • Microsoft Windows, because even though it has a stranglehold on the OS market, they still make rather good software, much of which is proprietary, but because so many people have it, the user experience is good, and firms require you to have experience using it.
  • Linux, because we always need an alternative to Windows just for us geeks.
  • Xbox 360, because I since my analogue cassette Walkman in the 80's Sony has done nothing but lock the consumer into its goods using proprietary software and hardware, and I want the PlayStation 3 to fail.
  • Companies that don't listen to their customers needs.
  • Websites that are designed for search engines and not users.
  • Services that make my life easier are definitely a good thing!
  • HD DVD wars; Does the consumer really want to buy another Betamax?
  • Hardware after-sales support. You got my money, now can I have a Vista driver without upgrading hardware less than a year old?
This list has turned into more of a rant and rave about how we've slowing began to accept more and more shoddy service from companies who take our money and run. If I think of anything else I'll be sure to update my list. :-)
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