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Logitech Media Player Remote For Your PC

Gadget of the month has surely got to be the new Logitech Media Play Cordless Mouse.

If like me you've moved your CD collection from your CD's to your PC's hard drive you may find this new mouse/remote control a very useful gadget. It's a cross between a computer mouse and stereo remote control.

It features an extended wireless RF range, (not bluetooth or infra red) so you can control your media player from the comfort of your armchair and use it as a conventional optical wireless mouse when using your PC.

It has all the features you'd expect from a top-of-the range mouse, plus all the usual media player buttons you've come to expect, including:

Play, Pause, Forward, Back, up, down, and a Media Player Launch button (Compatible with Windows Media Player and Win Amp). All of which are illuminated on touch.

Just remember not to lose it down the edge of the sofa! otherwise you'll have to navigate Windows(TM) with your excellent keyboard shortcut knowledge ;-)

Logitech MediaPlay Wireless MouseArticle Image

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