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Have Anti-Spyware Utilities Become The Killer App?

In the past few days there seems to have been lots of excitement in the computer industry concerning Anti-Spyware utilities - Programs aimed at ridding peoples machines of troublesome and annoying programs.

Firstly Yahoo have launched a new version of their popular Internet Explorer Toolbar which adds an Anti-Spy utility right on the bar (available from I've installed this on a couple of machines to test it and it seems to be fairly successful, although I know of a few friends machines which would give it much more of a thorough test.

This afternoon, the mighty Microsoft launched a Beta version of their own Windows AntiSpyware software, available to all owners of Genuine Microsoft Windows.

This product has clearly come about from the acquisition of Romanian anti-virus firm GeCAD Software in 2003 and New York-based anti-spyware firm Giant Company Software in December 2004.

After installing an activeX component to validate your version of Windows(TM) you are taken to a download screen, where you can download the test version of their new software.

I'll be testing these anti-spyware tools in the coming weeks and will report my findings in the near future.

Microsoft(R) Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

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