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Convert 3GP video to and from AVI or MPEG

If like me you own a recent Nokia phone that's capable of recording and playing back video files then you might be interested to know how to convert videos to 3GP format (This is the format the Nokia uses to encode video) to play on your phone or convert video files you've recording on your phone to AVI.

After scouting the web in search of these tools I've found two applications that do the job. The first is the Nokia Multimedia Convertor 2.0, I've added a link to this below, it's free, but you'll have to register as a developer. The other-so-called application is quite a bit more amateurish, but nevertheless does the job. It consists of an application back-end and a VBScript/browser based front-end.

I've also noticed that Apple QuickTime 6.5 supports 3GPP and 3GPP2.

Apples guide to the 3GP format

Converting from 3GP to MPEG and AVI

The link below lists a couple of programs capable of converting your 3GP videos to MPEG and AVI files. It also explains how to use the 3gpToRawAvi converter that I've reviewed here.

Nokia Multimedia Convertor 2.0

Used to convert MPEGs to 3GP video format to play videos on your mobile. Free but requires registration.

Nokia Multimedia Convertor 2.0

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