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Adsense and Amazon's New Context Links Beta

I received an email from Amazon Associates yesterday explaining their contextual adverts are now out of closed beta and are now available for their associates to use (although still in beta).

I checked out the demo sites they mentioned, looked at the source HTML and logged into the Associates homepage to see what customisations were available.

All it requires is a few Javascript includes at the foot of the page and all the rendering is done client-side. Essentially any word(s) on your page can be linked to Amazon or Amazon Marketplace items, and they're all relevant!

No More Manual Links!

Hold your horses! Those of you who are Adsense publishers beware! I have been reading Adsense terms and conditions and some blog posts and I'm pretty sure you can't use Adsense and Amazon Context Links ads on the same page.

Does anyone have Google's official stance on this?

What about Amazon's terms and conditions? Do they have similar terms concerning competitor contextual ads?

At the end of the day, you can't blame Google from wanting to hold on to it's huge Adsense publisher network.

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