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Website Compliance and The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

Following a recent on-line seminar I attended about Website Compliance with the UK's Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) I have been investigating what effects this will have on web designers who wish to design accessible websites.

The W3C have produced a set of guidelines called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG for short. They are currently updating these, but the current version is 1.0.

The link below is my interpretation of the guidelines and the techniques developers and designers need to put into practice in order to make accessible sites.

There are three W3C priorities in which developers should aim to reach. If your sites conform to all three priorities then your site will be accessible by the disabled community and you can place a W3C WCAG logo on your site.

I have attempted to condense and organise the W3C guidelines into the three priorities with a view of what developers need to change.

I am in the process of making this site conform to all three priorities, but as you will soon find out when you read the guidelines this in some cases will mean re-writing pages of code.

Nik's Website Accessibility Guidelines