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Does Twittering have a place in Business?

Is there supposed to be a point behind Twittering I asked myself? The site is pretty scarce on describing a particular use for it's service apart from "What are you doing now?". Maybe not limiting it's boundaries is part of it's success?

I'm always willing to try out new technology, I'd describe myself as an early adopter. Now I'm not saying I won't ever sign up and be a fellow Twitter myself in the near future, but from the outside, and without experiencing it firsthand I can't see why anybody would be interested in a rolling commentary of what some other individual is doing right now. I guess if you're into instant messaging (IM) or texting and want to let all your friends or family know what you're up to broadcast fashion, that might be a powerful tool. I'm guessing adding a Twitter to a page would be the best place to put this kind of information.

Celebrity Tweets

A celebrity Twitter on the other hand might be extremely popular in this celebrity obsessed world we live in. Just imagine the sort of Tweets Paris Hilton would send from her Sidekick cell phone! And the hoards of followers that would subscribe.

What about Twitter use in a business environment?

Blogs, instant messaging and texting have all been adopted by the businesses and they all started out in the consumer space, but what business problems could they solve?

I can see them being used internally inside companies for staff to keep line managers updated on what tasks they are working on. After all Microsoft amongst others have found business uses for IM.
Public Relations could be another use, as could musicians and bands keeping their loyal fans up-to-date on tour etc.