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Upgrading an MVC Project to Bootstrap as a Side Project

We have an existing ASP.NET MVC project which has grown to the point where making the switch to use the Bootstrap framework required a substantial amount of work to the Views. Unfortunately this isn't high priority so we couldn't afford to do this in one go, instead we had to find a solution which would enable us to deploy the solution into production using the old Views and Layouts to introduce new functionality to the solution mid-way through the Bootstrap conversion.

To overcome this problem and allow us to upgrade to Bootstrap as a side project we needed a clever solution to effectively allow us to switch from Bootstrap to the old Views and Layout quickly and easily, and then back again.

This was our solution to the problem:

  1. We created a Bootstrap MVC _Layout and added it to the solution.
  2. We created an ActionFilterAttribute class called UseBootstrapLayout which we used to decorate the Actions to denote which Layout the Action method should use to render the View.
  3. We copied each View we were going to upgrade to Bootstrap and named it the same but appended a 2 at the end of the filename.
  4. In _ViewStart.chtml we added to code (below) to check if the View ended with a 2 and which allowed us to switch to the Bootstrap Layout if it did.

If we needed to deploy the application before the Bootstrap update was complete we simply changed to _ViewStart.chtml code to use the old _Layout. All the rest of the code changes and new Views could stay the same.

    /// <summary>
    /// Method to change a view name used by an action method.
    /// We are using this to enable us to re-skin the system
    /// </summary>

public class UseBootstrapLayout : ActionFilterAttribute
        public override void OnActionExecuted(ActionExecutedContext filterContext)
            filterContext.RouteData.Values["action"] = filterContext.RouteData.Values["action"] + "2";


    // _ViewStart.chtml
    var view = HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext.RouteData.Values["action"].ToString();

    string layout = "";
    if (view.EndsWith("2"))
        layout = "~/Views/Shared/NewBootstrapLayout.cshtml";
        layout = "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";

    Layout = layout;

    public ActionResult Index()
    return this.View();