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Powerline Ethernet Adapters Interfering with Fibre Broadband

I'm a fan of Powerline Ethernet adapters, I've had some Devolo AV 200 adapters running happily for a number of years connecting my desktop PC to the broadband router.

Since moving house and upgrading to Fibre broadband I've had no end of issues with my broadband. The broadband signal kept dropping off and requiring a router reboot.

I originally thought the issue was down to my broadband provider, but I eventually pin-pointed the issue down to the powerline adapters. I could make the broadband connection fail instantly just by trying to download something via the Devolo adapters.

They seem to interfere with my broadband signal. This could possibly be due to the internal wiring in my house. The master socket has been moved and it probably runs near a mains cable. It turns out that VSDL2 operates at 17Mhz and AV2 Homeplus operate at 2-80Mhz.

To prevent my broadband connection from dropping off when using the powerline adapters I had to place them several metres away from the fibre broadband router, which partly defeats the object of not having to place Ethernet wires everywhere.

I even tried upgrading my powerline adapters, but I found that they made my broadband connection drop off even when I place them several metres from my fibre router. The new powerline adapters use the Homeplug AV2 specification, which uses both the neutral and earth cables of the household wiring.

After many hours troubleshooting, reading this post and sending back the new powerline adapters I have now wired my desktop PC to my router with cat5e. The result is a much better internet experience and higher throughput.