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EatonWeb: A Blog Directory to Avoid

When you start blogging its a good idea to put the word out and let people know your new blog exists, one way to do this is get listed in online blog directories.

Some directories charge a fee to review your blog, which help pay for the upkeep of the directory and also helps to ensure quality listings.

Expect the Unexpected

The EatonWeb directory charges a review fee, but blogger BEWARE!


The other day I had an email out-of-the-blue from PayPal saying I’d made an automatic payment for a subscription I’d set-up.  First I thought it was just SPAM.

I didn’t recall ever setting up a subscription using PayPal, but reading the invoice from PayPal, it turns out that I had been duped into signing up to a recurring annual subscription fee to EatonWeb blog directory, when at the time I assumed it was a one-off fee to list my blog!

What’s even worse is the fact I never got my blog listed!

Looking at the EatonWeb submission page (below), it’s not very clear that you are signing up to a recurring annual subscription either, or whether you pay the annual subscription whether they list you or not.


There are no website terms and conditions and after emailing EatonWeb about this issue I’ve had no reply whatsoever, so I thought I write this post to alert other bloggers to this dodgy practice.

My advice is to avoid The EatonWeb blog directory!