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Power Requirements for PC Components

I found an interesting article in a PC magazine the other day, which might help people who are building a PC or upgrading their PSU. I've come across this problem too while building my own machine.

What power requirements do my PC components need?

I've tried looking in manufacturers manuals and websites, but most fail to mention this vital piece of information. How do I know what PSU to buy? 200W, 300W or 350W, maybe I should go the whole hog and splash-out on a 400W Power Supply beast!

Use this rough guide to estimate the power consumption of your PC.

PC Component Requirements (Rough Guide)

Celeron - 60W

Pentium 4/Athlon - 70W

Fans (CPU/Case) - 10W

Motherboard - 60W

256MB RAM - 20W

512MB RAM - 35W

AGP video card - 30-80W

CD/DVD drive - 30W

Hard disk - 20W

Floppy disk - 8W

Sound card - 10W

Network card - 5W

Modem - 5W

Firewire card - 40 W

USB 2.0 card - 20 W